INITIATIVE. Initiative. Initiative.

Every liberal’s wet dream while Bush was in the White House has returned. Sort of.

After saying goodbye to the world in 2006 the cast of The West Wing have reunited for a spoof video promoting walking and talking.

C.J. Cregg, Will Bailey, Charlie Young, Carol Fitzpatrick and Larry can be seen powering through important corridors with important papers, firing back and forth in a way that would leave normal people dazed and confused.

They have a new initiative that will reduce heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. All it needs is President Bartlet’s approval and a rousing speech that refers to some clever stuff.

He has got some clever stuff up his sleeve, and the music starts to swell as he proclaims: “In the time of Socrates…”

The video is the latest effort from Funny or Die, the comedy site founded by Will Ferrell.

The Telegraph
May 2, 2012