The cast of NBC’s classic Aaron Sorkin series “The West Wing” (some of them, anyway) have reunited for a new Funny or Die video that promotes American fitness through a signature bit of Sorkin-alia, the walk and talk.

Students of Sorkin know the walk and talk well from its extensive use on “Sports Night” and, especially, “The West Wing,” in which the members of President Bartlett’s staff seemed to endlessly cruise the halls of the White House, spewing rapid-fire banter and plot exposition as they went.

It’s back in fine form in this video, produced for Everybody Walk!, the national campaign designed to get people up on their feet for just a few minutes every day. Allison Janney, Dule Hill, Joshua Malina, Melissa Fitzgerald, William Duffy and, of course, Martin Sheen, are back in their familiar “West Wing” personas, walking and talking about the physical benefits of walking and talking.

Though Janney calls Duffy by his actual last name, and the president is never referred to as Bartlett, there is a nice name-check for the dearly departed Mrs. Landingham in the sketch.

The banter may have that familiar Sorkin back-and-forth, but it actually wasn’t written by the Oscar winner. Funny or Die writer-director Lauren Palmigiano is credited as the talent behind the camera for the two-minute clip.

Meanwhile, Sorkin returns to TV in June with “The Newsroom,” which will no doubt feature a return to the golden age of the walk and talk.

Los Angeles Times – Show Tracker
May 1, 2012