Creative Process

The Creative Process


This deep dive into a new project is an intensive period of conceptual exploration that starts with defining the big vision before zeroing in on the path to success. Our invigorating and highly-collaborative process maps out the scope, identifies goals, tools and resources, while allowing us all to dream and think big.


In this highly iterative process, we develop creative concepts to support the overall strategy. Creative briefs, branding, content strategies, activation plans and a project roadmap lay out timeline, teams and budget.


Our award-winning production teams bring the vision to life, producing highly-engaging creative content across multiple platforms. Covering a wide spectrum of production, from film and video to apps, social media and events, we take special care in producing content that inspires and delights.


It's time to confidently launch the project into the wild. Distribution and outreach encompasses social media management, blogger and influencer outreach, syndication, public relations and media buying.


How have we done? We dig into the numbers. Our passion for analytics, metrics, and social media buzz help us gauge the impact of what we just created so performance can be monitored and improved over time.


What's next? Let's dream with courage! We build on the momentum of production and activation to capitalize on new opportunities across the emerging media landscape. When working with bold ideas, the sky's the limit.