“There’s lots of magic in the book…I was very, very honored that I was asked to do this project.”—Janel Parrish, star of Pretty Little Liars, Teen Choice Award winner, and narrator of the audiobook edition of The Journeys of John and Julia: Genesis

Janel Parrish

After publishing ebook and print editions of THE JOURNEYS OF JOHN AND JULIA: GENESIS, the first in a series of novels by aurelia about magic, friendship, and adventure, we sought to expand the book’s reach by handcrafting the perfect audiobook.

With the novel’s success on the popular teen storytelling and fan-fiction platform Wattpad.com, where weekly chapters were released along with mini-trailers, episodes of our book-club web series, and other cross-platform content, we set our sights on a narrator whose talents would resonate with our readership. That narrator is Teen Choice-Award winner and Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish.

Producing an audiobook narrated by such a talented young actress like Janel Parrish has been an exciting new adventure for everyone involved: It is Janel’s first audiobook experience, and might be the first time an actor of her generation was asked to read for her target audience in support of literacy and a new publication.

THE JOURNEYS OF JOHN AND JULIA: GENESIS is available worldwide wherever books are sold.