House of Opportunity: Disrupting the Programming Model:

Streaming service platforms have made major moves in disruptive programming over the past several years. Both Hulu and Netflix have began offering their own original series. 

Friend of Digital Hollywood Content Summit, Gary Delfiner (who has moderated and been a panelist at many conferences over the years) has offered his take on the Netflix’s “House of Cards."

The release of a high profile series offering compelling subject matter, written and directed by top-notch talent, released all at one time had HUGE industry-wide ramifications, but it just might be the tip of the iceberg. I, personally, watched all 13 episodes on my iPad in two days. Whether or not you liked the series, “House of Cards" may have laid the ground work to be the “House of Opportunity!"


Gary is President of Digital Distribution of Screen Media Ventures & Creator of Popcornflix, LLC. [His] key responsibility is developing, managing, and distributing POPCORNFLIX, the company’s digital streaming movie platform.