Check out Digital Hollywood Content Summit speaker, Josh Bednarsky’s latest series, Crowned, where “Being a Princess is No Fairytale.”  

Here’s a brief synopsis: 

In the MAGICAL WORLD of PARTY PRINCESSES, there lived a young fair maiden named Macey. She is a damsel in distress (“getting evicted from her apartment”) and needs a job fast! Her best friend, Vianka, already a gainfully employed Party Princess, helps her get a job with her Princess company, Crowned Entertainment. Together, the Princesses are dispatched to parties to bring beauty, mirth, and magic, to the birthday children of the world.

Check out their IndieGogo page to learn more and donate if you can.

The series starts airing this summer, so subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow on Tumblr to keep up with their shenanigans

Congrats Josh! We can’t wait.