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Rigler Creative helps leading brands and intellectual properties transform the challenges of production and marketing in the digital age into opportunities for high performance, implementing strategies and business models that enable clients to take advantage of the emerging digital landscape by extending their brands and programming across platforms in traditional and new media.

Our job is to create the approach – the contexts, architectures and requirements – for execution. We enable implementation teams to align and be more effective in the delivery of great content, marketing, programs, and experiences.

We fuse consumer analytics, technology platforms and world-class production and marketing talent to help our clients understand the big picture and the fine detail to deliver insight-based experiences that help them effectively connect with their target audiences.

The techniques and processes we use have been refined over time. And while we leverage what we know works, we constantly seek opportunities to enrich and contemporize our methodology for the changing landscape.

Rigler Creative bring a laser focus so that our clients can:

  • Develop digital transformation strategies for strong multichannel experiences.
  • Build and sustain brand trust and reputation.
  • Seamlessly manage content and processes across channels.
  • Conduct thorough and continuous optimization across digital properties.
  • Eliminate channel silos for more consistent and connected customer experiences.
  • Target the best campaigns to the best customers for the best outcomes.

IP Development

We take non-traditional approaches to partnering with the world of entertainment through co-development and marketing of new intellectual property, forming strategic business alliances and entertainment-driven business units.

We maximize the value of entertainment properties and brands by preparing them for extension across multiple media, offering guidance on how to expand and broaden storyline universes of intellectual properties that can then be marketed in concert across a variety of platforms.

Developing intellectual property in concert with partners creates unique and authentic content infused with the DNA of your brand.


We think excellent content shouldn’t be limited to TV or print—it should be translatable across multiple platforms. Our production team works to bring creative ideas to life on every platform required to reach the people who matter to our clients, with the goal of combining inspiration and entertainment to communicate clear messages that drive engagement and action.

Rigler Creative provides comprehensive production capabilities in the areas of:

  • Development
  • Research
  • Storyboard Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Production
  • Editing/Postproduction
  • Voice-Over Narration
  • Motion Graphics and Effects
  • Media Duplication & Transfer
  • DVD Authoring
  • Multi-Media platform delivery and integration

Our complete in-house capabilities translate to a one-stop-shop, adding value and efficiencies to all your productions.


Rigler Creative is a broad-based publisher with strengths in literary and commercial fiction, young adult, cookbooks, romance, and science fiction books.  We publish books across multiple formats including traditional print, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, Google, Sony Reader and more.

We offer a wide variety of marketing services specifically designed to get books in front of potential readers, and leverage the power of the internet with proven, highly targeted digital marketing techniques.