Watch: President Obama on ‘Between Two Ferns’ | FunnyorDie

Loving this. Since posting the video on the funnyordie website Healthcare.gov has seen a measurable spike:

The appearance, which received more than three million views within the first few hours after it went live Tuesday morning, is part of a campaign to convince more young Americans to sign up as participants in the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges before the March 31 deadline to purchase coverage.

Obama’s unconventional foray into satire to sell the program had its origins in a White House meeting last July with leading Hollywood supporters (first reported in THR) during which entertainment industry figures, including Funny or Die’s Mike Farah, urged the president to use pop cultural venues to sell his complex health care program.

Although some media outlets initially mocked Funny or Die’s involvement in promoting ObamaCare, the buzz generated from the Between Two Ferns video on Tuesday illustrates the power of the comedy site.