Six Teens. Three Continents. A World Cup to Save Lives. This is…

Six Teens. Three Continents. A World Cup to Save Lives.

This is a REMARKABLE Kickstarter project from former Digital Hollywood Content Summit speaker (and Sundance award-winner), Shilpi Gupta.

CHANGING THE GAME - The Soccer Documentary

Three sets of teens from three corners of the globe – AIDS-ravaged South Africa, war-torn Israel and Palestine, and inner-city Philadelphia – share one thing in common: the fight to survive. Separated by language, culture, and thousands of miles, they are also bound by the universal drive to win. 

From Sundance award-winning director Shilpi Gupta and the producer behind the Academy Award-winning HOTEL RWANDA, CHANGING THE GAME follows these teens as they journey from poor and violent communities to compete at the first-ever street soccer competition run by the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Combining vérité footage, personal video journals, and a cutting-edge musical score featuring local hip hop artists, the film captures a riveting story of journey and competition, showing the power of soccer to help teens redefine who they are and challenge the world that they live in.

There is ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT in their Kickstarter campaign so check it out now!