1 million and the great RPG show! This is freaking amazing! Congratulations to Wil and the whole team at Geek and Sundry, and congrats to all us fans, who have an amazing show to look forward to!

And it’s not over yet! There’s still days to go, and extra funding to get.

Wil and his owlbear friends have taken over the Co-Optitude title sequence set to have a little party. You know it’s going to be wild, when an owlbear wears a Wesley sweater!

WOW! Well this is HUGE news! Congrats to Wil  and all of Tabletop for this AWESOME accomplishment! 

We bet you’ll hear something about this at DHCS XVIII next week! We have @Marc Hofstatter from Indiegogo speaking on our More Money, More Problems? panel Thursday, 12:00pm in the Marina Vista Room.