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Have You Seen Squaresville Yet? Prep Yourself for the Women in Comedy Panel!

Have You Seen Squaresville Yet? Prep Yourself for the Women in Comedy Panel! :

We’re so excited to have Funny or Die’s Betsy Koch, Mary Kate Wiles, and Kylie Sparks join us for the Women in Comedy panel (4/29, 3pm).

Make sure you check out their awesome web series Squaresville to learn more!

Digital Hollywood’s BAFTA Evening Summit

We’re pleased to announce a very special evening at Digital Hollywood! 

Join us for a reception, panel discussion, and interviews with some of the leading members of BAFTA to discuss how digital platforms are transforming the way people now consume British and international content.  

Speakers to include: 

BAFTA Board Members

  • Gary Dartnall, OBE, Founder: The Douris Corporation
  • Nigel Daly, Vice President: Screen International
  • Rebecca Segal, Senior Vice President: SKY Los Angeles
  • Paul Steinke, Senior Vice President, Production Finance: Walt Disney Studios

Board of Directors

  • Phil Ashcroft, CEO: Island Nation Media
  • Rob Bagshaw, Award-Winning Executive Producer
  • Kieran Breen, Executive Vice President of International Marketing: 20th Century Fox
  • Bryony Foster
  • Paul Heller, Award-Winning Independent Producer
  • James Knight, Founder: Knight Vision Studios
  • Deborah Shaw Kolar, Managing Partner: Kean & Kolar Communications
  • Nigel Lythgoe, CEO: Nigel Lythgoe Productions
  • Vivian Mayer, Founder and Principal: Mayer & Associates
  • Karla Miller, New Media / TV Host & Writer- Director
  • Nigel Sinclair, CBE, Co-Chairman and CEO: Exclusive Media
  • Rosalie Swedlin, Literary Manager and Producer: Anonymous Content
  • Brian Walton, Attorney At Law
  • Beverly Ward, EIC: Angel Productions Worldwide, Inc. 

Digital Media Committee 

  • Jennie Kong, Senior Vice President: Miller PR
  • Louise Garvey, Director - Digital Distribution & Marketing: Walt Disney Studios
  • Sarah-Lynn Dawson, CEO: Vanilla Vision Films

It’s going to be a fantastic night so make sure to register early - spots will go quickly! 

Click here for more information and link to registration page.